Become A Priority In Your Life

Become A Priority In Your Life

On my entrepreneurial journey I have met many people who, like me once worked within a more corporate environment with “proper” jobs before they decided to run their own petite business. Along with this “proper” job came corporate conditioning, which included set office working hours week in week out with little flexibility.

On the flipside when you work for yourself there is flexibility and many perks. You are your own boss. You get to decide how, when and where you work. You could have a duvet day and stay in your pajamas if you wish. You could start early and finish early to get outside and make the most of the sunshine. You could go to a nice cafe to work. Or join in with a yoga class during the day. Or even spend some time with your loved ones and family on a jolly outing. There are so many things you could do. But do you?

Be The Change You Wish To See

Be The Change You Wish To See

Several years ago I wrote about it being time for women to rise. That the world is beginning to wake up to a new way of being and I could clearly see women finding their voices to speak out about things that truly matter in life and business. Earlier this year I had a conversation with a TV producer to see whether or not I would be willing to participate in a new documentary about highlighting the impact of miscarriage. When faced with an important decision to make I usually follow my yes, no or maybe gut instinct and in this case it was an immediate yes.

Climbing Up The Ladder Of Success

Climbing Up The Ladder Of Success

We all have different wants and needs for our lives and businesses and what we class as success varies from person to person.

Success may look like keeping up appearances online and becoming a “social influencer” with thousands of followers on social media. It may look like a diary chock-a-block with clients. It may look like hitting your sales targets and being a six-figure business. Or it may mean being interviewed on TV or for a well known magazine. These are all fabulous achievements.

But we don’t all desire the same things.


On my Instagram feed I noticed another post with “Here are my top ten secrets for success” and decide to scroll on. Sometimes I am curious about others ideas of success. But these days not so much because I have learnt to figure out my own.

As when you pay more attention to others definition of success and ignore the whispers of your own inner guidance it’s likely you’ll end up with a petite business that looks great from the outside looking in.

But it doesn’t feel so good to you.

You don’t feel successful so you keep moving the goal posts. Striving for more. Searching for fulfillment in the wrong places. And wondering why others appear to be successful and you’re not?

There Is A Voice Within So I Write

There Is A Voice Within So I Write

There have been two constants that have sustained me throughout my life and are now entwined into my soul-led work and living brand. Writing and gardening. And yet it has taken a long time for me to recognise these two significant threads weaving their way in and out of my life and work since childhood.


Even if writing wasn’t within my existing job role or a need to for my petite business I know I will always continue to put pen to paper. Just because it's what I love to do. 

First and foremost I write for me. To articulate my thoughts and ideas. To process what I feel and see going on in the world around me and of course to share my stories.

Writing is like my therapy and it has seen me through some pretty dark days and back towards the light. You could say it’s a lifelong trusted friend that doesn’t speak out loud, but gently guides me forward to discover the answers I seek all from the words written on the page.

And now I can clearly see that my writing practice sustains all of me, in my day-to-day life and within my petite business. It isn't one or the other it is a blend of both.

Simply One of a Kind

Simply One of a Kind

Within the Social Collective we’ve been talking in depth about how to deal with other similar businesses replicating our work. It seems this is a hot topic at the moment. And just as everything was hunky dory in my world with the sun shining outside, I sat at my desk and caught up on emails.

There waiting for me was an email from a friend saying “Have you seen this, it looks remarkably like yours?” She’d attached a link and was referring to a brand new collective that had launched. 

Yes I had seen it and I too could see immediately the striking similarities between my social collective and this new one.

I am wise enough to know mine isn’t going to be the only one in the world. There are loads of Collectives out there with more popping up all the time. But this one with the entire concept, features and mechanics very identical to mine. It is too similar.

Surely not a coincidence?

It's Not About Who You Know. It's About Who Knows You?

It's Not About Who You Know. It's About Who Knows You?

An exciting thing happened my new business cards arrived. Woo Hoo. I promptly gave them out to my family members and put the rest back in the box.

But what use are my new business cards if they are sitting in a pretty flowery holder on my desk? How will people know all about what’s on offer if I don’t tell them or give them my card?

I realised it’s time to start “networking” again. But I was undecided where to go.

Since we moved it’s fair to say I haven’t been out much. Networking that is. After all we’ve got the house to renovate, the garden to maintain, washing to do and endless domestic goddess duties to carry out let alone finding the time or making the effort to go to networking meetings.

And with me percolating on my new venture I didn’t feel comfortable heading out trying to promote and market my old services which weren’t really in my heart anymore. So I didn’t, I stayed at home and pulled up some more weeds from the garden.

However, I have enough experience under my belt to know that sitting at home with my new business cards and shiny new website is unlikely to bring me an abundance of new connections or clients. Well it might, but I could be waiting a while couldn’t I?

So I took the plunge, did my research and found some local groups near me to try out. I called the organiser of one group confirmed my attendance which meant I could not opt out as I said I’d be there. After all when you’ve committed to someone else you have to go.