Transformational Mentoring And Intuitive Guidance For Women

Melanie Mackie

Hello, I am Melanie and as your Mentor we create the time, space and ideal environment for you to pause, stop doing for a while and start simply being. Giving you a much-needed opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate and re-connect with your own inner wisdom.

Everything comes back to you. When you take the time to get to know yourself and tap into your own intuition, wild wisdom and inner knowing, your deep heartfelt desires powerfully speak to you loud and clear.

You learn to listen to your own guidance and know exactly who you are and what you’re meant to be doing with your soul-led life and work.

You find clarity on your intentions, purpose and priorities so that everything flows with ease as you operate from your heart, not your head.

You’re able to cultivate your ideas into action and bring forth your gifts and creative projects for the benefit of others.

You stop questioning your worth and validity because you know you have important insights, gifts and stories to tell.

You feel grounded and embrace the freedom that is calling your name to rise

And you grow, bloom and transform.
— Melanie Mackie

I’ll take you on a discovery of self to reconnect with your roots and get clear on where you want to experience growth. And I offer plenty of practical tools, intuitive guidance and unconventional wisdom to support you as you grow, bloom and transform.

As You may wonder:

  • What am I here to do?

  • Who am I here to be?

  • And how is anything going to change in my life and work for the better?

What you do is not who you are

If you do not know who you truly are, you will never know what you really want. So with my guidance and mentoring you’ll discover what truly matters to you and let go of all the “should’s”. With a broader, more intuitive perspective you’ll reconnect with your own truth, have a clear vision of your purpose and know precisely what action you must take to be in full alignment with your own intentions, priorities, goals and visions for your own purposeful life and meaningful work now and in the future. 

You have the power to transform your life

We begin by making you a priority in your life and work.

  • So that you begin to live life and work with intention.

  • Find clarity to work smarter not harder and let go of old ways of doing and being that you’ve outgrown.

  • Reawaken your sense of awe and wonder for the world to reinvigorate your passion in life and work.

  • Connect with your courage so that you speak up and shine, and express your true nature and authentic self, instead of being the world's best kept secret.

  • And have the conviction to be known, loved and trusted as a woman in business who authentically leads others with her wisdom.

Unfold as a flower unfolds into full bloom from a bud

Melanie Mackie Amazing Grace Rose.JPG

It can be daunting and lonely being a woman as speaking your truth and leading with your wisdom takes courage and confidence and sometimes this is a challenge to embrace. However if you have someone accompanying you, your very own mentor who understands you and the journey you’re on and can offer oodles of knowledge, encouragement and support this can be a powerful catalyst for remarkable change and transformational growth as well as totally worth the investment of your time, money and energy.

My own expertise and credentials go into my pot of wisdom and include my career path to date, as well as ten years of fabulous knowledge being a female entrepreneur myself. My intention is to do whatever it takes to enable positive and empowering change for women.

I know how to leverage the internet and social media to raise awareness of you, your brand and meaningful work.

I walk my talk and demonstrate and teach how to create and market an authentic business that comes from the heart.

I always encourage my clients and community to tell their own stories, share their beliefs and speak their truths and I do this too.

And I know and whole-heartedly believe this is our time as powerful women, to be the change and show the world what we’re really capable of.

A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink

As for the brilliant women I work with they are soulful women.
Women on a mission. Women who know they are capable of more. Women who choose to use their freedom of speech. Women who know they have something important to share. Women who want to serve. Women who want to empower others. Women who have something important to do. Women who are brave, courageous and sometimes afraid. Women who are willing to be vulnerable and share their stories in order to help others in their time of need. Women who are willing to readdress the balance between the masculine and feminine. Women who say we’ve had enough of being ignored, overlooked, suppressed and belittled.
Women who are simply the change.

We’ll work well together

If you are an inspiring and aspiring soulprenuer. A writer or blogger. An indie professional, coach or consultant. A creative artist. Or even a powerful influential change maker. Ultimately it’s not about what you do - it has everything to do with WHO you are and IF you’re willing to begin the inner work to confront the truth about yourself and embrace this precious opportunity for remarkable transformation and a deeper life?

Sound like you? Fabulous let’s work together and get reacquainted with the woman within. You won’t regret it. Promise.

Do not fast forward into something you are not ready for, or allow yourself to shrink back into what’s comfortable. Growth lives in the uneasiness, the in-between, the unfinished sentence.

You are a season of becoming.

Or if you'd prefer to work with Melanie and be part of a community of like minded women a sanctuary and safe space awaits within the Social Collective.