Transformational mentoring and intuitive guidance for women. Encouraging and empowering you to grow, bloom and transform.

When you take the time to get to know yourself and tap into your own intuition, wild wisdom and inner knowing, your deepest heartfelt desires powerfully speak to you loud and clear. You feel able to bring your whole self to your life, and work with more depth, purpose and meaning. You trust yourself, your instincts and intuition to guide you gently forward.

You are empowered to make insightful decisions that just feel great. You find a greater balance between work, home and everything in between. And most importantly you reconnect with YOU - the woman within.

As your Mentor I seek to understand you and the path you're on, only then can I work with you to do the deeper inner work. I offer practical tools and guidance, encouragement and powerful insights and create the ideal environment for personal growth and transformation to occur.

Lets Delve deep into your inner world and clarify precisely what you are here to do, why and how


Hello I'm Melanie

Melanie Mackie runs her own award-winning mentoring business and is an Intuitive Mentor and Consultant. She has worked with female entrepreneurs all over the globe since 2009 and encourages and empowers her clients to put themselves at the forefront of their lives, work and businesses so that they experience remarkable personal growth, deep transformation and awaken to a new way of being and doing.

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Let’s create the time, space and ideal environment for you to pause, stop doing for a while and start simply being. Giving you a much-needed opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate and re-connect with your own inner wisdom. I’ll take you on a discovery of self to reconnect with your roots and get clear on where you want to experience growth. And I offer plenty of practical tools, intuitive guidance and unconventional wisdom to support you as you grow, bloom and transform.

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