If you are a woman with a business that you love, that will offer value to the lives of others, then I can wholeheartedly recommend that you seek mentoring with Melanie. As soon as I heard about Melanie, and read her website, I knew deep inside, that she was the perfect person for me, to help me take my business to the next level. I was pretty stuck, and had no idea how to evolve, and harness all of my skills, that I’ve gleaned over many years.

Melanie helped me gain clarity, direction and purpose, to put myself at the forefront of my business leading to expansion. This is a process a that I find deeply satisfying, creative and unique. Yes, I was stepping out of my comfort zone, and putting myself ‘out there’ more, but staying stuck and playing safe was boring, and I wanted to grow, get excited and create a business that demanded I evolve, and also gave my clients a service that helped them move beyond their personal constraints too.

I felt a real resonance from the outset with Melanie, and would highly recommend her to any woman in business, who needs to take the next step. Let’s face it, we can’t build a business alone, we all need help...I’m so happy I found Melanie! I know you will too.
— Sandy Robson, Hypnotherapist, Writer, Artist, Healer

“I’ve worked with Melanie over a number years, she is my go to for my petite business when I’m in need of strategy, training, mentorship and practical things like social media and blogging ‘how to’.

I joined the Social Collective as I knew it would be something special and I didn’t want to join a old lady type networking group!

Melanie has refreshing, heartfelt way of working and has a intuitive way of bringing out the absolute best in you and has helped my business to find and ‘stay in its lane’. She has a deep understanding of what is needed with a small business and encourages you to be brave and do what makes you shine.

Melanie sees potential, encourages dreams and aspirations, and has opened my eyes and helped me realise where I want to be with my business and most importantly what I really want to be doing.

Without Melanie, I would not be where I am today. I’m looking forward to continuing my work with Melanie and am excited to see what the future has in store. I wholeheartedly trust, value and highly recommend Melanie if you want to flourish and shine your light with your business - it will be everything you wished for.
— Claire Stallwood - Claire Bowring Make Up Artist

Melanie, really ‘got me’ and understood the core essence of my work, and what I do for my clients. She helped me articulate this essence with clarity and ease within my web and programme copy. I highly recommend Melanie was also a great support in helping me with other practical areas where I needed sound advice.
— Hayley Felton - Healer, Artist and Soulpreneur at Soul Passion

It’s important my website represented me and my values but I had no idea where to start.

Mel is very perceptive and knew exactly how to draw the required information from me. She helped me develop a website that is authentic and a true picture of my business, often going above and beyond her remit.

Mel is extremely supportive throughout and encouraged me to be brave with my website and with Social Media.
— Jo Spencer - Spencer Insurance

I felt stuck and didn’t know where to turn before I found out about the Social Collective. I completely underestimated what Melanie was offering, and had imagined I was going to get clear on what I needed to do online to develop and promote my yoga teaching business so I would connect with individuals who would be a good fit for working together. I got to look at my life as a whole, in the round, and not just the business side. In this way I got clear and developed a plan for how to accomplish what I really wanted (which ended up being not what I’d expected).

The other women in the Collective have been lovely – I’ve felt very supported as I got clear about what I really wanted. That teaching yoga wasn’t what I really wanted to be doing! I am now focusing on teaching meditation as part of the Buddhist community with which I’ve been involved for many years – something I had done in the past but put on hold due to the busyness of work.

The Social Collective is ideal for a small business owner who is driven by their values – a business with heart! Someone who is up for the journey and ready to look at what is working and not working in their life as a whole, not just their work. Someone who wants to delve deep and be part of a group of women who are supportive and open.
— Kate Bacon - Yoga and Buddhism Teacher

I would highly recommend that any woman in business who is struggling to sort out how social media can best be used to market their services, to get in contact with Melanie sooner rather than later!

Melanie and I worked together via Skype across continents and the experience was not only valuable but pleasurable, Melanie is delightful and has a way of helping you focus - really focus - on the best  for your business. 

Melanie provides knowledge, experience and value. I am pleased to recommend her services to others and to have her in my “go to” file for assistance with future projects!
— Terry Gassett - Here to There Coaching

Melanie has run several excellent sessions for our creative networking group in Reading. Her presentation style is fantastic, she really engages her audience and makes the subject matter clear and interesting, and always provides some new and useful tips to use in business and planning.

Melanie’s knowledge and understanding of marketing and business helps her to develop a distinctive style and brand for her clients, and I would highly recommend her.
— Catherine Hadler - Creative Commercial Photography

After my session with Mel I now know what I need to do and have already implemented some of the things we discussed. To keep me focused I will be having a follow up with Mel in 3 months time to review my results and help me set my next 3-6 months goals.

Mel is great to work with and I trust her judgement and experience. I am also inspired by her own story and look forward to working with her again. Thanks Mel.
— Ro Gorell - Lean Change Facilitator

Melanie was able to help clear the fog and offer useful tips that could be easily implemented into our already busy working days. We have been putting into practice some of tips Melanie shared with us and already seeing the difference in the response we receive.

Highly recommend Melanie for speaker sessions and for her expertise.
— Tamalia Reeves-Pyke - Flatlizard Creative