Bloom From Within Transformation Sessions

It’s frustrating seeing a woman who is stressed out and disillusioned with her life and work. Not fulfilling her potential. Living but not thriving. Stuck and stifled. Plodding along and repeatedly giving away so much of her time and energy to others that there is little left for her. From the outside looking in she appears to be successful and have it all. And yet on the inside feels anything but. 

Somehow she has ended up with a life and petite business that doesn’t feel so good. It no longer lights her up. She is giving away her time and energy to others without valuing herself. 

Bloom From Within Sessions with Melanie Mackie

It’s likely she has valuable wisdom to share that could really help others but decides to stay quiet because she feels afraid of potential judgement of being truly seen and heard. What will others think of her if she says what she thinks? How will they react if she openly shares her beliefs? Will people still want to work with her if she is bolder, more visible and unapologetically leads with her wisdom?

She’s put her inner most thoughts to one side and instead chosen to listen to external sources. Seeking approval and validation from others. Following what others do in the hope things will improve and that if she replicates what they do she will also achieve a piece of the success pie too. But now she knows they are not the answer and putting them before her has come at a costly price. 

When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows.
Not the flower.

Her life and work is no longer on her terms. 

And her inner voice and self guidance is buried. Ignored. Suppressed. 

But it won’t keep quiet for long. 

Because the whispers she can hear get louder. Try to get her attention. Repeatedly tell her that something has to change and that she is destined for better things. Urging her to consider what she thinks, how she feels, to pay attention to what is calling her and transform her life.

But what? And how?

Are you familiar with this woman?

Maybe she resonates with you too?  Maybe you can hear your whispers? Maybe your whispers are so loud they are keeping you up at night urging you to take action. But you don’t want to do it alone.

Maybe you know in your heart it’s time to shake things up? To see what sticks. And let go and release  what doesn’t. 

Maybe you are seeking more meaning and purpose to your life and work? And wonder what it is you’re meant to be doing? Who you are meant to be? 

Maybe you don’t have the answers you seek? Yet. 

But you know when the answers arrive you’ll be free to get on with your life and soul-led work with clarity, courage and conviction and let go of the doubts, stress and fear.

So to whom does this inner voice belong?

Where do you find this woman who is desperate for you to step forward and grow, bloom and transform?

You’ll find her within and she’s ready and waiting for you to tune in, listen and take action.

There are many women who are also hearing the call. The whispers to speak out. Shift. Grow. Bloom and transform. 

Blooming From Within Amazing Grace Rose.JPG

Because we are choosing a more soulful way of being for life and work. Moving out of our heads and trusting what is in our hearts.

We are rising with softer more heartfelt power. Saying no to the old school formulas of doing business.

We are unravelling years of social conditioning. Letting go of the external influencers telling us who and what we should be.

We are creating our lives and petite businesses around our own intentions, priorities and desires whilst serving the very people we wish to serve. With minimal stress and no more striving.

And we are learning the importance of paying attention to and acting on our own inner guidance and wisdom in order to be the best we can be. Now we are powerfully stepping forward and leading with our wisdom. For our soul-sisters and tribes. For our ancestors, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, nieces and for our daughters. For us. 

We are the change. And you are too. 

All you have to do is say yes. I am in. 

If you’re ready to begin we can work on your transformation together and get re-aquainted with the woman within.

Delve deep into your inner world and clarify precisely what you are here to do, why and how..

As your Transformational Mentor I offer my guidance, support and insights so that by working together we unearth what matters to you. We'll peel back the layers and reach your core. We'll dig deeper and discover a broader perspective. And we'll focus on what you're here to do and why. So that you begin to lead with your wisdom and grow, bloom and transform in to everything you're meant to be and more.

During our thought provoking sessions you'll have time and space to reflect and re-evaluate where you are now and where you'd love to be.

So that you:

•    Are more intentional about where you focus and what you give your time, money and energy to
•    Become a priority in your own life and work with clear boundaries
•    Learn more about your own wants, needs and desires
•    Gain perspective and understanding of your Big Why and find more meaning and purpose in your life and work
•    Find a sense of direction on your own path and know your value
•    Attract more of your kind of people by showing up and being yourself
•    Lead with a greater sense of confidence in who you are, with freedom to express what you're here to say
•    Grow, bloom and transform into everything you’re here to be and more

My Approach

Bloom From Within Buddha

My work is not prescriptive, it's intuitively tailored around you. However the Bloom From Within Sessions follow a framework, this is our guide full of prompts to enable more heartfelt inquiry.

I enjoy getting to know you and encourage you to move forward whilst being accountable. I ask questions. Lots of them and I may dig deeper than what seems obvious.

You'll find I listen and tune in to what may not be said aloud. I instinctively know when there is resistance, someone is putting something off and making excuses or has genuinely reached a stumbling block and needs a helping hand.

I intuitively have an inner knowing and often see your gifts that you cannot see in yourself. I am open to sharing my own insights and lessons learnt if it helps you grow.

I can see what you're doing brilliantly and where there are gaps that need more attention.

And my purpose is to encourage you and cheer you on during your transformational journey as your trusted mentor right by your side, guiding you forward as you grow, bloom and transform.

Are you ready to get started?

During the Bloom From Within Sessions we'll meet in person if you're based nearby or alternatively online via Zoom or Skype.

We'll meet for two hours for eight sessions. Our sessions are scheduled every two weeks or once a month. It's up to you.

There will be homework, also known as “pondering” time. During our sessions together we’ll focus and clarify as much as we can, however there may be times when you need some time and space to go away and have a think about something before we take the next steps. 

In between our sessions you can keep in touch and ask any questions via email as and when they pop up. 

Your Investment

The Bloom From Within Sessions Package is £1995.00

Should you require additional support this is available and can be booked at a later date for 1-1 sessions. 

Before you commit let's have a chat to discover more about each other and ensure we're the right fit. We'll iron out all the details.

And let your transformation begin.

Within the soil of our soul we transform and bloom first before we go on to rise in all our glory above the ground.
Grow within before growing out.