Living With Amazing Grace

A journey through grief, healing and transformation

by Melanie Mackie

Our society is reasonably open and liberal and yet those who suffer a miscarriage often do so in silence and it continues to remain taboo. There is no doubt miscarriage is an isolating and lonely time and many don’t feel able to share their loss and sadness openly with others. This is often due to fear of judgement, as if your pregnancy had only just begun how could you experience such strong feelings of loss, grief and sadness?

After ten years longing to become a mother, Melanie unexpectedly found herself pregnant at the age of forty. Suddenly elation turned to heartbreak and she sadly lost her longed for baby Grace Rose during her pregnancy to a missed miscarriage. After receiving the devastating news that Grace’s heart was not beating and she had subsequently died, as well as being totally bereft Melanie desperately needed to know what to do next?

Could she grieve for a baby who hadn’t even been born?

Would she ever feel normal, let alone any happiness or joy again?

How on earth could she move forwards and rebuild her shattered life?

The loss of Grace was devastating and the catalyst to Melanie changing her entire life. In Living With Amazing Grace Melanie writes a heart-felt and moving account of a life-changing journey that took her through the depths of grief, healing and transformation as she learned to live with Grace, albeit on a different path that she would have ever willingly chosen.

“When you lose someone precious to you, life takes on a different meaning and purpose. Those who experience trauma, loss or heartache often go on to do remarkable things to help others.

But they make a choice to do so.

When the worst thing imaginable happens, you can sink further into a life of darkness and despair.

Or you can choose to grieve, heal, reawaken, rise, transform and seek out the light.
— Melanie Mackie