It's Not About Who You Know. It's About Who Knows You?

It's Not About Who You Know. It's About Who Knows You?

An exciting thing happened my new business cards arrived. Woo Hoo. I promptly gave them out to my family members and put the rest back in the box.

But what use are my new business cards if they are sitting in a pretty flowery holder on my desk? How will people know all about what’s on offer if I don’t tell them or give them my card?

I realised it’s time to start “networking” again. But I was undecided where to go.

Since we moved it’s fair to say I haven’t been out much. Networking that is. After all we’ve got the house to renovate, the garden to maintain, washing to do and endless domestic goddess duties to carry out let alone finding the time or making the effort to go to networking meetings.

And with me percolating on my new venture I didn’t feel comfortable heading out trying to promote and market my old services which weren’t really in my heart anymore. So I didn’t, I stayed at home and pulled up some more weeds from the garden.

However, I have enough experience under my belt to know that sitting at home with my new business cards and shiny new website is unlikely to bring me an abundance of new connections or clients. Well it might, but I could be waiting a while couldn’t I?