A Magical Doorway Opens

I’ve been in the “void” for a while, pondering and percolating. Wondering how to bridge the gap between what has come before in my life and work, and the now. As the old felt out-dated and no longer resonated.

The images on the Scarletta website no longer felt like me. Who was that person? As I no longer recognised her because everything in my world has changed since they were taken some four years ago.

My perspective and perceptions altered significantly. My work evolved as I learned to go with my heart and soul and not just my logical head.

Everything around me was different.

My work, how I serve, my beliefs, values and most importantly me.

Life has simply and dramatically changed.

But when you're known for one thing, how do you grow and evolve into another?

I’d been living and working with the new, but under the radar. Quietly doing my own thing without broadcasting it all via social media and my online marketing. Just tentatively allowing the new to gently unfold and bloom without fanfare.

Melanie Mackie Branches of Wisdom Blog A Magical Doorway Opens

And yet with one foot still in the past and the other firmly in the future, how could I release the old when the new wasn’t fully formed?

Would there be a definitive line between then and now?

Would I know when it would be the right time to shut the Scarletta door and bravely open the new one, enticing me forward?

In answer to all of my questions, yes I would know eventually. But it would all take some time.

Following my instincts I began to understand I needed to be patient. Wait a little longer. Not force things to happen before they were ready to emerge. I am naturally impatient and when I set my mind to do something I crack on and get on with it. Waiting goes against my conditioning. 

But this time it is different. Because I have learned how to be guided and now trust myself that I know what to do.

So I waited some more. Made lots of notes. Continued to add ideas and images to my magical scrap book of the year. Pinned plenty of images and quotes that resonated on Pinterest.

Months and weeks passed by.

And then suddenly I connected the dots. There it was.

The bridge between the old and the new

I understood exactly what I am meant to do now. My magical door opened a little more. Enough for the seeds that had been planted some time ago to grow and emerge.

The concepts and ideas became a reality as I decided to rebuild everything from scratch. With my blank canvas. I created this website and brand myself with the spirit of freedom I felt when I first started Scarletta's Blog back in 2009. Freedom to create, to visualise, to share my own words, talk about things that matter and show up and just be me. Who I am now.  

And my new petite business and I emerged. With a new identity in my own name and in my own style. Here we are.

Along with the flowers. My first Scarletta website and logo had flowers and I knew we'd come a full circle.

This time it's my name in gold, for the light and of course there are the beautiful blooming flowers. Everything you see and read is intentional, symbolic and totally in essence of me and my own soul-led work.

There’s human timing and divine timing. And more often than not everything happens in divine timing. When it’s meant to. 

We can try and force change. But as the saying goes everything will happen when its meant to. Not to our timescales. 

But this does not mean we do nothing.

We have to be vigilant and open to the signs and synchronicities. Listening to the voice of our own inner wisdom that is there for our greater good. Guiding us forward, helping us to be ready to emerge. Encouraging us to move out of the comfort zone and step forward into the unknown.

One day you know you’re as ready as your ever going to be

It's time. You find the courage to take action.

Step by step. Day by day. The momentum builds. Ideas start falling into place. You know it’s time to let go of the old and welcome in the new.

Things begin to flow and shift.

Grow. Bloom and transform.

The magical door opens and you step through onto your next chapter.

If you're ready to open your own magical door here's how we can work together.