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Melanie Mackie Transformational Mentor for petite businesses female entrepreneurs and creative souls

For you to understand a little more of who I am and how I support my clients with my instinctive magic being known as a "Transformational Mentor" sums it up nicely.

So a "Mentor" as in your trusted and experienced adviser working alongside you. Encouraging you to be all you can be and more. 

And “Transformational” because when I work with my clients they discover new things about themselves and gain a different, more open minded perspective that enables deep transformation to occur within them, their lives and petite businesses. Together we delve deep into their inner worlds and reveal precisely what they are here to do, why and how.

Being intuitively curious in my approach I am known for assisting others to find answers to questions they may not know they had. 

My own expertise and credentials go into my pot of wisdom and include my career path to date, there have been many jobs too many to mention here, oodles of fabulous knowledge of being a female entrepreneur myself. And what to do and what not to do when running your own petite business, as I have done since 2009 with my social media consultancy Scarletta Media.

What else? I am a writer, an explorer, a nature lover, a spiritual hippie, a bit of a creative and an avid gardener. Currently I live to the west of London near the River Thames, with my beloved husband and our Monkey Mogs Billy and Lola. Where we are renovating and transforming our house and garden which takes up a lot of my time, but I can play and pin on Pinterest for plenty of new ideas and inspiration!

And in addition to all of this of course my pot of wisdom includes my own life experiences and life changing transformations. Of which there have been many.  

The Winds of Change

My most recent life affirming transformation began in earnest as I approached my 40th birthday. As well as being excited of reaching the ripe age of 40 I felt disillusioned with the world around me. My beliefs altered. What I valued shifted. My work felt stifled and I needed to change direction. At the same time on the home front we were trying to move. This saga dragged on with setback after setback for two very stressful years. And then in the midst of all of this a lovely surprise we were expecting our baby.

Suddenly elation turned to heartbreak and we sadly lost our longed for baby Grace Rose during my pregnancy.

My life hit rock bottom.

Within the depths of grief and despair my old life began to fall away rapidly. And I asked myself “What do I do now, how on earth can I ever come back from this?”

When you lose someone precious to you, life takes on a different meaning and purpose. Those who experience trauma, loss or heartache often go on to do remarkable things to help others.

But they make a choice to do so.

When the worst thing imaginable happens, you can sink further into a life of darkness and despair.

Or you can choose to grieve, heal, reawaken, rise, transform and seek out the light.
— Melanie Mackie

It seemed my life had been spinning out of control for a while. Happening to me. Something else was in the driving seat. And I didn’t appear to have a say or choice in any of it.

The loss of Grace was devastating and the catalyst to me changing my entire life.

I needed the answers to big life questions, which were initially slow to come. I had to learn to be patient, with myself and the world around me. I began to tune in and listen to and trust my own inner guidance and wisdom, which helped me grieve and heal. I started to embrace more self care, compassion and kindness, something that was alien to me before. 

Now I know there is such a thing as human resilience, we have an in-built inner strength that somehow in our darkest moments picks us up and sees us gently forward.

Eventually I chose the light. For me and for Grace. 

The Grace Rose

The Grace Rose

As for grief it cannot be rushed. It is a process that has it's own agenda and timescale.  Something you learn to live along side when you are changed forever by loss.

Eventually I understood my inner guidance and knew my old way of being and working had changed. My life purpose and soul led work took on far deeper meaning. I let go of what no longer mattered to me and embraced a new way of being. I view life very differently than before.

By following my heart and trusting my instincts my spiritual path and true calling revealed itself to me.

Melanie Mackie Supporter of Tommys

And now I am not afraid to share my story openly to help others in their time of need. We knew that we would be the ones who found the courage to speak out, to raise awareness and raise funds for research into baby loss however we could. The baby charity Tommy's is very close to our hearts.

It is not easy to do this, you feel vulnerable and exposed, however conversations about things that matter mean change is occurring in our society and I am actively involved in propelling this shift. And this is our legacy for Grace, she will never be forgotten.

Many of us experience triggers, big life changing moments or trauma that enforce us to reassess, wake up and change who we are and what we're all about for the better. We realise we are not alone. 

As for me you could label this period of my life as “Hitting Rock Bottom” a “A Mid Life Crisis” or even a “Monumental Shift”.

I’ll go for my"Transformational Chapter" along with my “Graceful Spiritual Awakening

What a different life we live when we know what is sacred and meaningful

Melanie Mackie Soulful Speaker

I started working for myself in 2009 and created my beloved petite business Scarletta Media by blogging and working on social media strategies and teaching others about the social revolution. My experience included working as a Social Stylist Consultant for small businesses all over the world. I loved working with female entrepreneurs supporting them to create their own social identities, creatively tell their stories and establish their personal brands. But as I grew and transformed I knew there had to be more purpose, depth and meaning. 

And so I knew my own living brand needed to encompass all of me instead of snippets here and there. This is the ideal time to release and let go of my old Scarletta identity and embrace simply bringing all of me to my life and work, as me.

As well as working with soulful women in business, I speak out about things that truly matter to me. I am willing to be the change in raising awareness of the impact of miscarriage, grief, healing and of course discussing the power of divine feminine wisdom, which is a subject that has been hidden and buried from our much needed conversations due to our more masculine led societies for far too long.

Nature awakens

Writing has always been a huge part of my life and one of my go-to’s to help me heal is to write. Over the last two years I have been writing my book "Living with Amazing Grace – a journey through grief, healing and transformation". A very different writing process in that I am allowing the story to unfold as and when it comes, rather than setting a strict deadline. But I am almost done so this book will be published in the not too distant future.

Melanie Mackie Magical Garden Office

And we moved. Fortunately our new house came with a large, neglected overgrown garden that required a lot of TLC and I needed something positive to focus on and nurture.  Coming from a family of gardeners being outside with my plants and flowers is in my bones and brings me a lot of happiness and joy. 

It was remarkable that as the garden started to spring back to life and transform, so did I. Our home and garden has become our sanctuary and fuels my creativity and work. This magical oasis is full of wildlife, opens up on to the water and is a transformational healing space that has seen me through my dark days and back towards the light once again.

The Swans with Melanie Mackie

Surrounded by wildlife I experience the beauty on offer and feel deeply and intuitively connected to the seasons, cycles and elements. It amazes me how nature works its magic and interacts with us on an energetic, emotional and physical level when we pause, take time to notice, reconnect with the Earth and ourselves. So this forms a huge part of my work and living brand today.

As the seasons change so do we. May we be aware we are shifting just like the wind.

And as for my soulful clients, it seemed they were also seeking to transform themselves too with more depth and meaning. Being together we dig deeper and focus on their entire lives, not just their business in isolation. Because why create a life and petite business that doesn't really light you up? 

A shift in perception on the inside means a very different perspective on life and how you will do business on the outside
— Melanie Mackie

In my world there are no should's or must-do's, we all know what we need to do, however sometimes we'd like someone else we trust to join us and walk alongside as we grow, evolve and bloom with encouragement, morale, support and branches of wisdom.

With my guidance and mentoring you can discover what is truly in your heart and soul.

And go on to show up, speak out and feel empowered to do your best work, whilst serving the people who need to hear from you. With everything in alignment with your own intentions, priorities, goals and visions so that you are the change.

Find out more about working together.

Melanie Mackie Transformational Mentor

Melanie Mackie Gardener and Transformational Mentor

Melanie Mackie is a Transformation Mentor and has worked with petite businesses, female entrepreneurs and creative souls all over the globe since 2009.

As a Mentor Melanie has the ability to get to the heart and soul of you and your work, so that you feel courageous and empowered to speak your truth, lead with your wisdom and tell your stories to make a difference to others online and off.

Melanie is intuitively curious in her approach and is known for helping others find answers to questions they may not know they had. As a Transformational Mentor she gives her wisdom, insights, expertise, tools and encouragement so that you grow, bloom and transform into everything you’re meant to be and more.