Transformational Mentoring and soulful business guidance encouraging petite businesses, solopreneurs and creative types to grow, bloom and transform

When you take the time to get to know yourself and tap into your own intuition, wild wisdom and inner knowing, your deepest heartfelt desires powerfully speak to you loud and clear. Your life and work takes on more depth, purpose and meaning. 

With  someone who understands you and the path you're on by your side offering guidance, encouragement and branches of wisdom remarkable transformation happens.

You grow, bloom and transform and become everything you're meant to be and so much more.

Lets Delve deep into your inner world and clarify precisely what you are here to do, why and how..


Hello I'm Melanie

As a Transformational Mentor Melanie has the ability to get to the heart and soul of you and your work, so that you feel courageous and empowered to speak your truth, lead with your wisdom and tell your stories to make a difference to others online and off.

She is intuitively curious in her approach and is known for helping others find answers to questions they may not know they had and gives her wisdom, insights, expertise, tools and encouragement so that you grow, bloom and transform into everything you’re meant to be and more.

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Time to Grow, bloom and Transform? 

Whether you run a soulful petite business, choose to lead with your wisdom, wish to tell your own heartfelt stories or share your creations in order to help others. It can be a daunting prospect doing this alone. 

But when you have someone who understands you and the path you're on to offer encouragement and branches of wisdom that enable you to grow and bloom remarkable transformation happens.

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