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As a petite business owner it's likely you wear many hats. You work with your clients. You manage the day-to-day admin. You are the face and brand of your business. You keep everything going and ticking over. Somewhere in between all of that you also have full responsibility for showing up online and doing your social media. Not forgetting going out and networking, trying to find your tribe in the real world with the right group and the right kind of people. With your brave sales face on.

Melanie Mackie The Social Collective Friends

Oh and then, when you get a moment try to squeeze in a yoga class or a quick meditation for a bit of me-time self care! It's a lot to do and be isn't it?

Juggling it all as we try to do everything and be outstanding whilst working on ways to keep ourselves motivated, informed and productive. As well as grow our businesses and make the difference we intend to.

It’s not only the juggle, many soulpreneurs try to be the best they can be whist working on all their own. From home. Alone.

And this can be challenging.

Where do you go for guidance and support?

Who perks you up when your feeling under the cosh?

How can you speak out and share your wisdom when sometimes you feel you’re never enough?

If only you had more support. Encouragement. Found your tribe. The place where you belong. Where you can be yourself. Truthful and vulnerable about your day to day life as a soulpreneur without feeling judged. Because it’s not another networking group you desire. You want to find a group where you can share your journey and connect with other like-minds. The kind of people you sync with and who totally understand the path you’re on. And you understand them too.

You’re not ready to jack it all in and go and get work elsewhere. Because you’re on a mission. You have a job to do. A petite business to grow. People to help and support. You know what you want to do. You just need to figure out how you can create something sustainable that lights you up. Which means creating a life and petite business on your own terms.

The great news is there is such a place to help you achieve all this and more. You’ll find it right here within the Social Collective.

The Social Collective isn’t about networking. It’s about mutual heartfelt connection.

As a valued member of the Social Collective we work together and get to the heart and soul of our members and their petite businesses. You become part of a beloved community known, loved and supported for being you. And you extend your support and encouragement to the other collective members too.

Melanie Mackie The Social Collective

We learn from each other. We celebrate our successes. There’s plenty of fun and laughter. Sometimes we have leaky eyes and cry together. And all of this is perfectly OK. Because this is a safe space. A social sanctuary where you are encouraged to show up in your entirety. As you really are. And talk about what’s really going on in your world.

This is a place where you can ask for and receive support and guidance specifically for you and your soul-led work.

As it's not just the how to's and business guidance we need. Sometimes we need to work on our mindsets to enable greater success. We need to peel back our layers of conditioning to uncover what is standing in our way and is ready to be released. We need to actively listen to others insights and wisdom as we know it’s this shared knowledge that might just be the guidance to help us move forward.

A sanctuary and safe space awaits within the Social Collective

We know that the people within the Social Collective can be trusted with our updates, trials and tribulations and will show up with oodles of support, love and encouragement as and when required. As well as big hugs in person.

Melanie Mackie The Social Collective Membership Community for Petite Businesses

These are our people, our tribe who love nothing more than celebrating our collective successes and magnificent achievements because we all know just how much time, energy and effort it has taken to get here. Collective insights and wisdom are powerful.

And so the Social Collective is a safe, trusted place where collectively we all benefit, learn, grow and transform ourselves and our petite businesses.

We don’t just talk about stuff. We are Encouragers for each other and receive mutual encouragement and trusted support in return. 

We support each other to take aligned action so that you create and define success on your own terms. You focus on your own intentions and priorities. You discover the gaps that need your time and attention and let go and release what no longer works for you. And you feel empowered to show up and do your best work with confidence, clarity and conviction.

Being part of the Social Collective is so much better than trying to do everything alone.

Because when you are surrounded with a group of soulful women something magical occurs.

Surround yourself with the people who add value to your life. And you add value to theirs. Who challenge you to be greater than you were yesterday. And you challenge them.
Who sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do theirs. Life isn’t to be done alone. Find your people. Your support group. Let’s call this your Collective. The group you journey with freely and loyally together.

When you find the right group for you, one that feels uplifting and energising deeper connections are made. Relationships grow and flourish. You make friends. You belong. And finally you breathe a sigh of relief as you know you’re in the right place with the right people. Feeling fully seen, supported and strengthened by being part of a something special together.

Collectively we give an alternative perspective, which means you have someone you can trust to give you honest guidance and specific feedback to help you in your time of need. Or simply hold the space for you to figure stuff out. By being connected together online and off we are able to keep each other firmly on track. Accountable. Productive. Repeatedly able to take much needed action. And sane. That's very important.

Together, collectively we grow, bloom and transform into everything we’re meant to be. And so much more.

Here’s how you can join us and what’s included

Bloom From Within 8 weekly online sessions with Melanie

We begin by getting you to think and ponder about where you are now and where you’d love to be so we start with Melanie’s 8 week Bloom From Within Signature Online Programme.

The Social Collective is a bit like a wellbeing tonic for yourself and your business; comprised of organically grown wisdom, a healthy amount of encouragement, a good measure of counsel, a large dash of clarity and a fabulous sprinkling of friendship, fun and laughter. Melanie and her Social Collective is highly recommended. It could be one of the best decisions you make for you and your petite business.
— Hayley Felton

The Bloom From Within Sessions are consciously created to help you re-evaluate, re-assess and re-connect with yourself and your soul led work.

We dig deeper and begin by focusing on you and your petite business. We discover and clarify your own intentions, priorities, wants and needs, consider the support and guidance you need and of course work on your big why, so that you gain an intuitive sense of purpose and direction, which will enable you to show up more powerfully than ever before as you lead with your wisdom and connect with your tribe.

Over the initial eight weeks together you will receive a weekly post delivered to your mailbox every Monday morning. On Tuesday’s we’ll catch up and discuss in more detail via a group Zoom session. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions, get feedback and connect.

By the end of our initial eight weeks together you’ll have a plan. Your own map. Whatever you want to call it. Maybe a sense of direction? And you’ll be ready and raring to go. Knowing precisely where you will focus your time and energy to grow, bloom and transform.

Access to our private Collective Facebook Group

Your Social Collective Membership includes access to our private Facebook group. This is the perfect place to mingle, connect online, converse, share your updates and offer your encouragement to other Collective members. You will be encouraged to talk and share what matters to you in your business and in your world. If you need feedback you'll be able to ask for that too.

I love being part of the Social Collective. It’s a place of support and encouragement where you can safely share the highs and lows of being a petite business owner. Melanie has an amazing talent for helping you articulate your thoughts and dreams. She is very perceptive. She “gets” people. She encourages you to embrace your challenges, step out of your comfort zone and instinctively sees how to bring out the best in you.
— Jo Spencer

Some weeks you may be busier than others. That’s fine. Do what you can, when you can. There are no brownie points given for hours spent on Facebook. There are no set rules as to what you must do. You may be shy and prefer to lurk in the background, or you may be a force of nature and want to extend your support to everyone else.

Each member brings something unique to the Collective and different personality types are all welcome.

If you cannot attend the weekly live Zoom sessions, these are uploaded to the Facebook group and you can watch the playback in your own time later.

Usually the live sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes, however sometimes we all have a lot to talk about so we continue until we’re all done.

Optional In Person Meet Up's

The in person meet up’s are held every six weeks at the Runnymede Hotel in Surrey. We meet from 10.30 until 3.30pm and this is a wonderful opportunity to connect more deeply in person, share your up-dates and have a lovely day out. Away from your desk. With other soulful entrepreneurs. With a nice lunch by the river. And cake. If you choose.

The meet up’s are optional there is no charge to attend, however you will need to pay for your own travel costs and lunch and refreshments during the day.

Membership Fees

The initial membership fee is £195.00 on joining via immediate PayPal payment. Once this payment is received you are a collective member. Followed by a pay as you go membership monthly subscription of £55.00.

This will be billed via recurring payment and you will receive information on this within your confirmation information.

To give you an idea if you were to work with me on a 1:1 basis you’d be looking at fees of £2,500+ so for access to my wisdom, knowledge and expertise this is a super cost effective and affordable way to get the information and results you desire. Plus you also have the opportunity to learn, get feedback and support from all the other collective members too. So you can’t really put a price on all that can you?!

Register your interest here to receive all the inside information for the Spring 2019 dates and how you can join us

Your soul is attracted to people the same way flowers are attracted to the sun. Surround yourself with those who only want to see you grow.
— Pavana

Don’t just take my word for it here are some lovely testimonials

“I've worked with Melanie over a number years, she is my go to for my petite business when I'm in need of strategy, training, mentorship and practical things like social media and blogging 'how to'. I joined the Social Collective as I knew it would be something special and I didn't want to join a old lady type networking group!

Melanie has refreshing, heartfelt way of working and has a intuitive way of bringing out the absolute best in you and has helped my business to find and 'stay in its lane'. She has a deep understanding of what is needed with a small business and encourages you to be brave and do what makes you shine.

Melanie sees potential, encourages dreams and aspirations, and has opened my eyes and helped me realise where I want to be with my business and most importantly what I really want to be doing. Without Melanie, I would not be where I am today. I'm looking forward to continuing my work with Melanie and am excited to see what the future has in store. I wholeheartedly trust, value and highly recommend Melanie if you want to flourish and shine your light with your business - it will be everything you wished for.” Claire, Claire Bowring Make Up Artist

“I love being part of the Social Collective. It is a place of support and encouragement where you can safely share the highs and lows of being a petite business owner. Melanie has an amazing talent for helping you to articulate your thoughts and dreams. She is very perceptive – she just ‘gets’ people. She encourages you to embrace your challenges, step out of your comfort zone and instinctively sees how to bring out the best in you.” Jo Spencer, Chartered Insurance Broker Spencer Insurance

“The Social Collective is a bit like a wellbeing tonic for yourself and your business; comprised of organically grown wisdom, a healthy amount of encouragement, a good measure of counsel, a large dash of clarity and a fabulous sprinkling of friendship, fun and laughter. Melanie and her Social Collective is highly recommended. It could be one of the best decisions you make for you and your petite business.” Hayley Felton Soul Passion Healer, Artist, Soulpreneur

I felt stuck and didn’t know where to turn before I found out about the Social Collective. I completely underestimated what Melanie was offering, and had imagined I was going to get clear on what I needed to do online to develop and promote my yoga teaching business so I would connect with individuals who would be a good fit for working together. I got to look at my life as a whole, in the round, and not just the business side. In this way I got clear and developed a plan for how to accomplish what I really wanted (which ended up being not what I’d expected).

The other women in the Collective have been lovely – I’ve felt very supported as I got clear about what I really wanted. That teaching yoga wasn’t what I really wanted to be doing! I am now focusing on teaching meditation as part of the Buddhist community with which I’ve been involved for many years – something I had done in the past but put on hold due to the busyness of work.

The Social Collective s is ideal for a small business owner who is driven by their values – a business with heart! Someone who is up for the journey and ready to look at what is working and not working in their life as a whole, not just their work. Someone who wants to delve deep and be part of a group of women who are supportive and open.” Kate Bacon, Yoga and Buddhism Teacher