In Person and Online Mentoring Sessions with Melanie


One to One Online Session - 90 Minutes on Zoom

Melanie Mackie Let Your Transformation Begin

A one-to-one online session is designed to be quick and easy, where we focus and work together on whatever is a priority for you in your life and work right now.

Maybe you have a bright idea you’d like an alternative perspective on, or you’re looking to make some tweaks and but are not sure what to do next or how?

Or even need a nudge in the right direction before you take another step. I will help you focus, feel inspired and motivated and I am definitely known for encouraging you to plant and nurture new seeds.

No matter where you’re located in the world we can work together. Get in touch and book your 1-1 online session.

One to One Half Day Mentoring Session and Full month of support

Melanie Mackie Mentoring Sessions

Our intention is to focus on where you are now, what you'd really like to do and how we can get you to where you want to be. So there is always plenty for us to discuss, plan and ponder on.

On booking confirmation you receive your pre-session clarity questionnaire filled with meaningful questions and prompts so that you can begin to do the inner work, dig deeper and understand more about the direction you wish to take.

As for me, I make a start on the ground work, to enable you to weed out and let go of what you don’t want. And prepare the soil so that you can plant the seeds for precisely what you do.

Together we take gain perspective on YOU so that we are both completely prepared in advance before we meet in person and make full use of our time together.

We meet in person either at the Runnymede Hotel near Windsor or a Central London location and spend three hours together to focus on you and your petite business. (This package is available online too if you don’t live locally.)

Following our in person session you have email support to keep the conversation going for one month and I am available to answer any queries that arise and cheer you on. As well as email support we meet up again online for a 1-1 progress session via Skype/Zoom to ensure progress is being made.

So are you ready to invest in YOU and let your transformation begin?

Get in touch. Book your complementary discovery call today.


- One to One Signature Transformational Mentoring Programme

As your Transformational Mentor I offer my guidance, support and insights so that by working together we unearth what matters to you. We'll peel back the layers and reach your core. We'll dig deeper and discover a broader perspective. And we'll focus on what you're here to do and why. So that you begin to lead with your wisdom and grow, bloom and transform in to everything you're meant to be and more.

Melanie Mackie Grow Transform And Bloom

It’s all about YOU. You in your entirety. Not only your business. Or you personally. It is a blend of everything that makes you YOU. Because you are the powerful driving force behind everything you do. You are your very own unique USP.

During our eight thought provoking sessions you'll have time and space to reflect and re-evaluate where you are now and where you'd love to be.

Together we will work on discovering what matters to you and what is truly in your heart and soul so that with this broader perspective you’ll connect with your own truth, have a clear vision of your purpose and know what action to take in alignment with your own intentions, priorities, goals and visions for your life and soul-led work.

Sessions are offered in person at Runnymede, near Windsor or online via Zoom/Skype. Book your complementary discovery call to find out all the details and get to know each other better.


- One to One In Person Mentoring Session

Melanie Mackie Wander With Wonder

Being outside and immersed in my garden or in nature always works it’s magic on me, as often the wisdom we search for is right in front of us, staring us in the face, whispering in our ears, showing up all around us. But we're too busy and disconnected to notice.

Nature awakens so let's get away from it all and spend some time to wander together as we talk, walk and reflect. And tune in to your innate wisdom as the answers you seek lie within.

We can slow the pace, pause for a moment and become in perfect harmony with nature. So afterwards you feel reinvigorated, refreshed and head back to your life and work with a clearer mind, alternative perspective and know exactly what you are going to do next to spring into action.

90 minute 1-1 sessions are currently offered in person at Virginia Water or Runnymede, near Windsor.

If there are flowers in you send them out, explode with colour and Grace.
Waste no sunlight, no time in the hiding.
If you’re made to bloom. Bloom.
— Tyler Knott Gregson